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Charles Gagnier

Born: 19th july 1985
Where do you live: victoriaville qc and whistler, Canada
How many years skiing: 15
Favorite ski resort: Whistler
Who do you like skiing with: My Brothers
Spin direction: Right
Sponsors: Salomon, Spy, D-Structure.
Best results: 1st X-games slope style 05
Contest results: 3rd telus world festival half pipe, 8th X games slopestyle
Favorite Phrase: EEUUHHH OUIN!!
Favorite Movie: UHF
Favorite Meal: Meat Bread
Favorite subject in school: French, English, languages

Nickname: Monsieur
Nationality: Canadian
Home mountains
: Mont Sainte-Anne
Sports/hobbies: Water skiing, skateboarding, golf, tetris, pacman

Spots to ride parks, pipe: Mont Sainte-Anne, Whistler
Spots to ride back country & also your best ever session: Utah backcountry, Utah backcountry Feb 06
Favorite tricks and the one you are working on mastering: New grabs.
Best memory in a contest and favorite performance:
My first truckerslide, first at Rail Jam Burlington.
Riders (except you!) to watch:
My brothers (Vincent, Antoine, PE), JF, JD,GE.
Other skiers to ride with:
My brothers (Vincent, Antoine, PE), JF,JD,GE.
Own Ski movie segment:
Assault, Advance Vision Production
Best ski movie:
Exact science, Unknown.
Best Results
1 US Open Big Air 2007, Red Bull Play Street 2007, Japan Open SlopeStyle 2007, Tignes Air Waves Slopestyle 2006, X-Games 2005 & US Open 2005 Slopestyle, Diablerets Slopestyle 2005, Rail jam Burlington 2005.
2 Whistler Ski Invitational SlopeStyle 2007, X-Games Big Air 2006
3 Gravity Games Slopestyle 2005, Whistler Ski &Snowboard Festival Halfpipe 2004
5 US Open Big Air 2004
8 X-Games Slopestyle 2004

In only one season, Charles became the uncontested king of Slopestyle thanks to an impressive series of victories notably with the fabulous double of the X-Games & US Open 2005! Again on the podium at the 2006 X-Games (2nd in the Best Trick contest), and winner of the 2007 US Open Big Air, this young Canadian has rocked the discipline imposing his style all over the globe! Coming from the pure tradition of Quebec Freestylers, Charles truly embodies the new generation of riders, ready to continue the discipline’s evolution.
You are the king of Slopestyle: What is it that allows you to dominate this sport? What new tricks and runs are you working on?
I always try to have runs that are very different from the others, the most important is to impress, make sure my run is unique, and move beyond the others. Then, I prepare new jumps and rails that have not been seen in competitions before. 
What will you do this summer to prepare for the new season?

It will be good for me to get back into shape for my training in New Zealand. I will do a lot of sports to keep in shape and lots of visualization. 
What are your goals and objectives for this winter, new contests ? Tricks? Trips ? Videos ?
This winter, I want to perform well on all levels of competition in Slopestyle. I would like also to ski more powder and to film awesome jumps in the backcountry.

Tell us about your time when you are not skiing: Where do you live? Your other passions and hobbies?
I live in Trois-Rivières, Quebec with my girlfriend, Mylène, where a rather quiet life is carried out. I play golf, skateboard, and hang out with my boys, Yoda and Baslie. If not in Quebec, I spend some time at Mont Sainte-Anne or the Nicolet Lake.

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