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TJ Schiller

DOB: oct 17th 1986
Where do you live: Vernon BC
How many years skiing: 10
Favorite ski resort: BC
Spin direction: Left
Who do you like skiing with: Josh Bibby and Iannick B, Rory Bushfield
Sponsors: Armada, Orage, Anon, Red, D-structure.
Contest results: 1st US Open slopestyle 2004, 2nd big air, 2nd Big air WSI 4th pipe WSI
Favorite Phrase: You´ve reached TJ Schiller, I´m out skiing right now!
Favorite Movie: Royalty
Favorite Meal: Orzo chicken
Favorite subject in school: Lunch Break
What is your philosophy about hooking up with girls: go with the flow!!
Boxers or Briefs: Briefs
Hellman´s or Miracle Whip: Miracle whip

Been in these movies: PBP, TBC, Plehouse

What you wear when you´re skiing:
Skis: Armada
Poles: Armada
Bindings: Rossi, the black ones
Shoes: variety !
Clods: Say what??? Gloves? I wear Troyan
Goggles: Anon
Helmet: RED
Sometimes, i dig Stevie Wonder, hes got some dope stuff.

Other sports you do? Golf, Cliff jumping, skate

Sports you don´t do? Tennis, Rollerblade, Raquette ball
Biggest influence in life? J mosley and JP Auclair
What are you into when not on snow? Cliff jumping
Your goals for the next season: Ski harder, film more.
Skiing is about: doing 36 foot flatspin nosegrabs
Forgot something? i dropped my pocket.

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