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Andreas HĂ„tveit

Date of birth: 09. July 1986
Place of birth: Sudndalen, Norway.
Closest ski resort: Hallingskarvet
Spin direction: Left
Sponsors: Nike ACG, Giro
Best results: 1.Stomp´n´Style Wengen, 1.Core tour breck
Parts in movies: Mind The Gap, Ski Porn ,Strike, War, Independence.

- What kind of equipment do you use?
Skis: 181
Sticks: 110
Bindings: 140
Clothing: Nike ACG
Goggles: Giro
Helmet: Giro

- Favourite:
Movie? Friday
Music? Good
Food? Pizza Margarita
Country? Austria
Trick? Bio 5

Other sports? Fly-fishing, sk8ing bowling and midget golf.
Sports you don´t do? Gayblading!
If not skiing, then? Fly-fishing
Goal for next year? Winning Skimania!
Skiing is all about? Having Fun!
Forgot something? To eat breakfast

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